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Graphotherapy simply means- “change your handwriting, change your life.”

Graphotherapy is a extension beyond handwriting analysis. Graphotherapy delineates exactly how personality flaws, stumbling blocks, and self-sabotaging behaviors can be eliminated, by making simple changes to one’s letter formations and handwriting styles.

It is the science of improving your personality by manual changes in your handwriting.It enhances your positives (good qualities) and corrects your worst faults (negatives). Just as the subconscious mind affects handwriting, handwriting can be used to affect the subconscious mind. And this can be done using grapho-therapy. As per statistics and research conducted : it takes between 21 to 30 days to change any habit.

So first 30 days The Therapy will reprogram your mind, by using a variety of techniques such as the pressure exerted on the page, spacing of words and letters, crossed t's, dotted i's, size, slant, speed and consistency of writing, etc to accept the new changes made and. . . . Its continuous repetition will form that habit. It’s better to practise as much as you can.

I have given grapho therapy :

  • To students which has improved their academic performances.

  • To people having short temperedness, anger, anxiety, low confidence level, fears and insecurities, low goals, low self esteem, laziness, money matters, etc.

This therapy has improved them in a positive way.

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