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Our beliefs & even our values were given to us by our parents, society, environment and other factors in childhood without our permission. We simply adopted them without knowing that we have a choice. Our beliefs, values & decisions are a predictable guide to our future. So we need to choose the beliefs that work best for us. Most of us do not know what we want. We are not sure of our destiny and not clear on what will satisfy us.

Everyday our brain continues to manifest into our reality whatever it gets programmed to manifest. Sometimes what we want & sometimes what we donít want. In fact the more we focus on what we donít want, the more we are programming our brain to bring more of it into our world. Depending upon our positive or negative thoughts our subconscious brain gets programmed accordingly. These thoughts, either positive or negative, are then illustrated by our handwriting.

Handwriting: Handwriting is actually brain writing. It is an expression of small electrical impulses from the brain to the hand. A thought, a movement, a feeling is a result of such electrical impulses dictated from the brain. In simple terms, a personís subconscious mind dictates the way he writes. This writing reveals various aspects of the subconscious mind. Handwriting reveals your exact state and mood at the moment it is written. It also reveals individual personality traits, character, temperament, state of mind, desires, fears, confidence, level of taking risk and challenges, level of emotions, positives and negatives and so on ...

Many businesses today, are seeking the help of Graphologists in accessing the personality and personal traits of the employees, based on their handwritings.

Many individuals, businessman, eminent film personalities, corporates, etc. have got their handwritings or the handwritings of their employees analyzed, and have incorporated the changes as recommended by me, for improving their professional and personal lives.

The following Negative Or Positive Traits can be revealed from the Handwriting Analysis of the subject.

Positive Traits:

  • Positive thinking

  • Optimism

  • Enthusiasm

  • High self-esteem / Sense of self-worth

  • High goals

  • Strong self-confidence / Healthy ego

  • Determination

  • Sense of humor

  • Persistence

  • Diplomacy

  • High will-power

  • Integrity / honesty

  • Pride and vanity

  • Dedication, etc.

Negative Traits:

  • Fear of failure / low goals

  • Low self-esteem / weak ego

  • Fear of success / sabotage goals

  • Fear of ridicule / rejection (self- consciousness)

  • Fear of criticism

  • Self- castigation (need to be punished)

  • Guilt and or living in past

  • lack of integrity / honesty

  • Resentment or anger

These and many other negative traits are Roadblocks to success...

And this can be changed through Graphotherapy.

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