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Neuro : Every individual has established their own unique mental filtering system for processing the millions of bits of data which is being absorbed through our five senses. This first mental map (First Access) of the world is constituted of internal images, sounds, tactile awareness, internal sensations, tastes and smells that form as a result of the neurological filtering process.

Linguistic : Then we assign personal meaning to the information being received from the outside world. We form our second mental map ( Linguistic Map) by assigning language to the internal images, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells thus forming everyday conscious awareness.

Programming : The behavioural response that occurs as a result of neurological filtering processes and the subsequent linguistic map.

About NLP:

  • NLP is the practice of coding how people organize their thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results they do.

  • NLP provides people with a methodology to model outstanding performances achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field.

  • NLP is a powerful change technology in helping people have new experiences in life through changing their own mental maps.

  • NLP is a model of how we encode, transfer and modify behaviour

“NLP is a methodology for explicitly mapping and tracking human experience for the purpose of modelling, communicating effectively and creating change”----------- by Michael Carroll

New Code NLP :
New Code NLP was originally developed by John Grinder in collaboration with Judith Delozier.

One of the fundamental strategies behind New Code was to develop a set of activities or games which lead naturally to the activation of a content free, high performance state for an individual.

Enjoy and experience working with Unconsciousness mind with games and new tools and healing within.


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